Roll and Coil Cars

Coil Handling & Roll Handling Equipment

If your facility has applications that require roll handling equipment or coil handling equipment, we have the products you need to make the job faster, safer and easier.

We can provide a wide variety of equipment for lifting, positioning and transporting large, heavy rolls and coils.

From Coil Cars to Roll Upenders to Tilt Down Tables, Southworth has a product for every roll handling or coil handling application.

LS Style Coil Cars

Application: LS style coil cars are well suited for smaller/narrower coils in stamping and other intermittent duty applications.

Primary feature: These coil cars utilize Southworth's LS direct thrust style hydraulic lift tables which offer substantial vertical lift from the shortest length machine available.

Opposed Cylinder Style Coil Cars

Coil Car Application: Opposed cylinder style coil cars are designed for large heavy coil handling in process lines, mill and other high duty applications.

Opposed Cylinder Coil Car Primary feature: Southworth's exclusive opposed cylinder design that has cylinders push up on one side of the center pivot and down on the other to facilitate minimum pivot wear and maximum capacity.

L Cam Style Coil Cars

Coil Car Application: L Cam style coil cars feature Southworth's original coil car design. They are well suited for a broad range of coil handling application involving intermediate weight coils.

Coil Car Primary feature: These coil cars utilize Southworth's L Cam style lift table which offers an extremely low profile. The design has been proven in over 45 years of use.

Upender / Roll Upender

This dedicated upender / roll upender is the perfect device for changing rolls and coils from one orientation to the other. Go from "eye to the sky" to "eye to the horizon" or vice versa quickly and safely and with no damage to the roll.

Southworth Upenders / Roll Upenders are available in a variety of capacities, platform sizes and configurations

Tilt Down Tables

Loading and unloading roll and coils from processing machines becomes a simple one person operation with Southworth Tilt Down Tables. They can be used as stand alone devices or with other items such as shaft pullers and transfer cars for a complete roll handling system.