Backsaver Lite Portable Lift Tables

Backsaver Lite Portable Lift Tables have four easy rolling casters for unmatched maneuverability. The internal DCpower unit with integral charge features push button controlsto quickly and gently raise and lower loads.

Now you can move virtually anything weighing up to 300 to 500 lbs. safely without manual lifting or pumping.

The Shop ELPH is ideal for any white coat industrial application, including: electronic assembly, pharmeceutical, cleanrooms or anywhere a clean, quiet versatile little helper can be used.

Southworth Backsaver Lite Lifts are available in three basic configurations: Stationary, Portable with DC power and Compacts with extended vertical travel in a small footprint. Capacities are from 500 to 1,500 lbs. with vertical travel up to 35” depending on model. These rugged, dependable, low capacity lifts are packed with features, including:

  • Low pressure hydraulics
  • Fast raising and lowering
  • Fully adjustable down speed
  • Heavy-duty torque tubes minimize deflection
  • Lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings
  • Full width straight through axles for increased stability throughout the travel range
  • Heavy-duty hoses for maximum burst strength
  • Tell-tale return hydraulic line prevents fluid spillage
  • Built-in safety chocks
  • Bolt-on power unit is neat, clean and allows for easy access to all components

Model Capacity Platform Low
Weight Dimensions
Casters Rise
DC-3 300 lbs. 19 5/8
31 1/2
14 1/4" 32 1/2" 19" 110 lbs. 38" x 37"
19 5/8"
5" 36 sec.
DC-5 500 lbs. 19 5/8
31 1/2
14 1/4" 32 1/2" 19" 120 lbs. 38" x 37"
19 5/8"
5" 36 sec.

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