Give Your Staff a Lift With Protema

TAWI Lifts is your complete source for ergonomic lifting solutions with US headquarters in Chicago. TAWI lifting equipment is low cost, low maintenance equipment, easy to install and requires minimum effort to use.

Our vacuum lifters VacuMove and VacuCobra, are the original vacuum tube lifters with over 50,000 units installed in over 50 countries. Accurate load positioning with vacuum lifter lifting capacities ranging up to 600 lbs with many models and attachments to choose from.


A highly practical, electrical lift trolley for weights up to 80 kg to 120 kg. ProLift offers tailor made standard at a low overall cost. Made of light weight aluminum, it has a covered transmission, and is maintenance free.


A light weight and flexible lifting device for loads up to 60 kg/132 lbs. Ideal for the catering industry, post offices, and many other areas. It can be equipped with many accessories such as forks, special platforms, scales, etc.


Our almost legendary lifting device that has become a real classic. Made of aluminum, it weight 45 kg/99 lbs but will handle 100 kg/220 lbs with ease. A multi-faceted lifting device that works very well in most lifting situations. In its standard shape, it has a platform that goes to the floor level and can be equipped with squeezing-, tipping-, and turning-devices, or electronic scales.



Our second largest lifting device has enough power for most applications. It will handle 220 kg/440 lbs.

Protema Lifting Devices: Summarized

Data Pro Lift Micro Lift Mini Lift Maxi Lift
Weight 53 kg 28 kg/62 lb 45 kg/99 lb 113 kg/250 lbs
Max Load 80/120 kg 60 kg/132 lb 100 kg/220 lb 1200 kg/440 lbs
Lifting height 1500 mm 1145 mm/3’10" 1310 mm/4’4" 1220 mm/4; to 1720 mm/5"
Turning Radius 400 mm 385 mm/1’3" 400 mm/1’4" 500 mm/1’9"
Battery 24 volt, 15 Ah 24 volt 6.5 Ah 24 volt 15 Ah 24 volt 38 Ah
Charging Time 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Lift / Charge 120 times 100 times 120 times 300 times