Lista AcademicLista Academic

Lista helps educational institutions make smart use of space with high-quality workspace and storage solutions.

Educational institutions across the country are graduating to a higher level of organization and efficiency thanks to Lista furniture, storage and workspace solutions.

Utilizing a modular, building block approach, schools are custom outfitting classrooms, research labs, support services, facility maintenance and office areas with durable, versatile storage cabinets, our Storage Wall® system, workbenches and workstations that make smart use of every inch of available space.

For Art and Architecture schools, the classroom experience is key to student success. It's critical to provide the best educators, curriculum and artistic challenges, along with a professional looking atmosphere. Lista manufactures furniture and storage solutions that deliver the high-quality performance students need, while adding to the contemporary, well-organized environment schools want.


Lista mobile or stationary studio benches provide the ideal work area. Available with power strips, data access, riser shelves and Nexus accessories, they put everything an architectural student needs within easy reach.


In the classroom, Lista technical workbenches and work tables maximize space and student usability, while allowing for optimal configurability from class to class and year to year.

Locker StorageLocker Storage

Storage and security are always on a student's mind. These in-classroom lockers give your students the secure area they need to store their creations.

Flat FilesFlat Files

Flat files are a necessity for the budding architect. Lista flat file cabinets feature wide drawers that fully extend for easy access.