Lista IndustrialManufacturing Solutions

Operate at peak efficiency with Lista storage solutions for every facet of manufacturing.

Lista helps manufacturing facilities operate at peak efficiency with a comprehensive range of storage solutions. Our modular building block approach means we can completely and specifically address your operation's unique needs.

From perishable and CNC tool storage to assembly workbenches to quality area workspace or any other storage or workspace solution, Lista products can improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency.

From Storage Wall® systems and pre-set cabinets, to transporters and pre-set workbenches, Lista provides stable and secure storage solutions that are perfect for tool crib applications. With their modular design, sub-dividable drawers and heavy-duty tool holders, our products provide convenient, highly organized storage of CNC tools and perishable tools such as drills, taps, reamers and broaches.

Lista is ready to meet your pre-set tool storage needs with the industry's most robust solutions. The Lista Storage Wall® system provides a high level of organization, quicker retrieval time and increased product throughput – all within a limited footprint. With its infinite configurations and custom shelving and drawers, not an inch of precious space is wasted. Lista’s pre-set storage cabinets can be arranged and equipped to meet your specific needs. Flexible combinations of drawers and roll-out trays are closed behind lockable hinged or sliding doors which protect tools from the working environment

The increasingly popular cellular manufacturing approach means that assemblers, technicians and engineers need substantial upgrades in the quality of their workstations. Lista's innovative workstations, mobile workbenches, companion mobile cabinets, and Nexus Accessory Systems are ideally suited for cellular manufacturing. They provide individual technicians with a built-to-order workstation that offers ready access and increased productivity.